The movie Shakespeare in Love tells the fictional tale of William Shakespeare falling in love in the midst of writing Romeo and Juliet.  In the film, how does Shakespeare's experience of love in real life mirror Romeo and Juliet's message about love?  Answer this question in a full paragraph (at least 5 sentences) that uses a topic sentence and examples from the movie.
Chillin Dylan
3/10/2012 07:03:12

The movie Shakespeare in Love and Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet have similar loves stories. First, the aristocratic parents of woman Shakespeare falls in love with do not approve of this relationship, as the father of Juliet does not approve of Romeo loving Juliet. Second, the woman that Shakespeare is in love with also falls in love with Shakespeare, as Juliet falls in love with Romeo. Third, Shakespeare gets involved in an actual duel with the women’s future husband, and Romeo becomes entangled in a duel in the play. Finally, the film Shakespeare in Love ends with the woman leaving for the New World, and in the end of Romeo and Juliet, both Romeo and Juliet die.

David Y.
3/10/2012 08:37:21

Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet have the same kind of plot and ending and it makes both of them have the same message of love. In Shakespeare in Love the parents of Viola engage her to Lord Wessex and the result of that Viola cannot be with Shakespeare. During Romeo and Juliet, Juliet's father does not think Romeo and Juliet should be together and in both stories the two lovers try to get together without people against them but it fails. They find a way to be together but in the movie Viola gets discovered when she is discovered posing as man in the theater and Juliet fakes her death but Romeo believes she is dead and kills himself. For the ending of the movie Viola leaves Shakespeare with Lord Wessex and in the play both Romeo and Juliet die.

Justin C
3/10/2012 09:18:50

Shakespeare's love life and that of Romeo and Juliet mirror each other in several ways. Just as Romeo transfers his affections from one woman to another, so Shakespeare does when his other love when his other love cheats on him and he meets Viola. Also, their meeting at the balcony of Viola's manor is similar to a scene from the play. Beyond this, however, the main similarity between Shakespeare's play and his reality is that both loves are forbidden. Both maidens are engaged to someone else, but their affections remain on someone who is out of their reach, either because of a class difference or a family feud.

Beth Feindt-Scott
3/10/2012 10:37:24

Shakespear's love life had a similar love story to Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. Viola, Shakespear's love interest, stands at the balcony of her castle talking to Shakespear. Romeo speaks to Juliet from below her balcony also. Shakespear and Viola's love seemed real, like love at first sight. Shakespear displays that same message through Romeo and Juliet. Viola and Juliet are both not allowed to be with the one they love due to their love interest being in a different social class than theirselves.

Lia C
3/10/2012 12:19:07

Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet have many things in common. When Shakespeare's lover is standing at the balcony talking to Shakespeare it mirrors a scene from Romeo and Juliet. In both the play and the movie their love is forbidden but they do anything to see each other. Also they are both engaged to someone else than they truly love and have commitments to another. In both stories there is some fighting going on. Overall Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet have many similarities.

Rochelle Yang
3/10/2012 22:02:29

Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet have very similar love stories that mirror each other. Firstly, Lady Viola is engaged to Lord Wessex, and her relationship with Shakespeare is entirely forbidden. As a result, she dresses up as 'Thomas Kent', a young actor who works for Shakespeare. In Romeo and Juliet, the Montague and Capulet families have had a feud that's spanned over generations. The two are not allowed to see each other and Juliet's father condemns their relationship. The meetings on the balcony between Shakespeare and Viola is eerily similar to the way Romeo used to sneak into Juliet's house at night in order to see her. Also, Viola's maid knows about the relationship between her and Shakespeare, but does not speak of it to Viola's parents or Lord Wessex. In turn, Juliet's nurse also knows of Romeo and Juliet's relationship, but keeps it a secret. Overall, both stories tell the tale of two lovers who cannot be together because of various differences and hardships.

Andrew Lombard
3/11/2012 00:20:40

The movie Shakespeare in Love mirrors Romeo and Juliet in many ways. They both tell the story of star-crossed lovers who cannot be together due to outside circumstances. In Shakespeare in Love, it is because Shakespeare is married and Viola must marry Lord Wessex. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is also going to be married. Both stories have a "balcony scene" and both end with the lovers being kept apart.

Taylor Davey
3/11/2012 01:16:16

Romeo and Juliet's message about love mirrors Shakespeare's love life in the movie in similar ways. The way the relationship mirrors each other is that the love must be forbidden and kept a secret due to the circumstances of the time era. In the movie, one scene resembles a scene told in Romeo and Juliet; it is when Shakespeare's lover is on the balcony and they are sharing each other's feeling's for each other just like in the writing of Romeo and Juliet. Another major similarity between the love life of Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet is that both men couldn't be with their lover due to the fact that they had already were arranged to marry a different guy; even though the women were both madly in love with their secret lovers. The love life and message of love in Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare's had many similarities stated above.

3/11/2012 01:18:03

The plots to Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet are similar. They are both about a man and woman falling in a forbidden love. Shakespeare falls in love with a woman of a higher class while Romeo falls in love with a woman of the rival family. Another similarity is that the stories end with the lovers separated. Viola is sent away from Shakespeare and Juliet and Romeo are both killed. Finally, there are many scenes in both stories that mirror each other; ie Shakespeare meeting Viola on the balcony and Romeo talking to Juliet on a balcony.

Josh Kauffman
3/11/2012 01:20:35

The message of the love story of Romeo and Juliet and that of Shakespeare and Viola are quite similar. First of all, both experiences in love are quite tragic, as Romeo and Juliet die and Viola goes to the New World leaving Shakespeare in England. The idea of love being tragic at times could very much be considered a message of the play and the 1998 film. Also, the fact that, in both cases, the two lovers are forced to overcome the worlds they live in to love could be considered a message having to do with soul mates and that the person you love in may be quite different from yourself. I cite in the world-famous play how the families that Romeo and Juliet are a part of despise each other and in the film that Shakespeare is a lowly playwright and actor, while Viola is a aristocrat.

Elijah House
3/11/2012 01:27:12

Shakespeare's experience of love is closely related to the message of love in Romeo and Juliet. In Shakespeare in Love, Viola is engaged to marry lord Wessex, so she is not allowed to have a relationship with Shakespeare. The same applies to Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo is not allowed to engage with Juliet, as she is getting married to someone else soon. The scene where Shakespeare and meets Viola on the balcony of her manor is similar to the scene in Romeo and Juliet where Romeo meets Juliet on the balcony of her manor. Both stories end with the two lovers unable to see each other again. In Shakespeare in Love, Viola leaves Shakespeare. In Romeo and Juliet, both of them die.

Anna J
3/11/2012 03:24:19

In 'Shakespeare in Love', we learn that Shakespeare's own experience with love mirrors that of his play 'Romeo and Juliette'. In the movie, we learn that Shakespeare fell in love with a girl who he was forbidden to marry, just like Romeo was forbidden to marry Juliette. With this, Shakespeare had to secretly love Viola and sneak around, much like Romeo and Juliette had to secretly meet. Plus, in both scenarios their love goes against the beliefs of society, but somehow they always find their way back to each other, regardless of how many times people say 'no'. The underlying message in this is that love prevails, whether it ends in a tragic goodbye or death.

Emily W
3/11/2012 03:33:11

Shakespeare in Love mirrors Romeo and Juliet in many ways. In the movie, Shakespeare is in love with a woman by the name of Viola, who cannot be with him because she is to be married to Lord Wessex, when in truth she loves Shakespeare. This relates to Romeo and Juliet because Juliet is forbidden to be with Romeo because their families are enemies. Just like Romeo and Juliet run away secretly to be together at many points throughout the story, Shakespeare and Viola meet in the play house to rehearse the play Romeo and Juliet, where Viola pretends to be a man and acts the part of Romeo. Shakespeare and Viola also meet in secret just as Romeo and Juliet did. Lastly, they are similar because both Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet are both stories of forbidden love.

Derek S.
3/11/2012 03:56:44

The fictional movie Shakespeare in Love shows parallelism in the plot with the actual play written by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. In the movie, William Shakespeare is a Romeo-like character who falls desperately in love with Viola, the Juliet counterpart. The two, however, are kept apart by their families (namely Viola's family in the movie). Viola is also supposed to marry Lord Wessex (whose counterpart in the play is Count Paris), even though she loves Shakespeare. At the end, Viola is married to Lord Wessex and they sail to the New World and she is forever separated from Shakespeare (in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet are separated by death, and so both end up killing themselves).

Jamie T.
3/11/2012 05:07:34

The movie "Shakespeare in Love" mirrors the message of love in "Romeo and Juliet". In both, the characters are unwilling to live without each other. Viiola Lesseps is supposed to marry Lord Wessex. Shakespeare is very upset and would do anything to keep her there, so they could be together. This is just like "romeo and Juliet" when they would die together rather than being apart.

Holly S
3/11/2012 05:33:19

"The love in "Romeo and Juliet" is very similar to the love in the movie "Shakespeare in Love. In the movie, Viola is engaged to lord Wessex, so her relationship with Shakespeare must be cut off. In Romeo and Juliet", Romeo is not able to be with Juliet because she is soon to be married. Also, in "Romeo and Juliet", Juliet speaks to Romeo standing below her balcony. There is a balcony scene in "Shakespeare in Love" as well. In both, the two lovers are forbidden to see each other but end up seeing each other anyway. Their love is too strong to be seperated.

Adam T
3/11/2012 05:51:14

The love stories in "Shakespeare In Love" and "Romeo and Juliet" have many similarities. First, the relationship between both Shakespeare and Viola is forbidden because Viola must marry Wessex, which is similar to how Juliet must get married and she is forbidden to be with Romeo. Both of the stories also have a scene in which the man is standing below the balcony so they can see eachother. The other similarity between the two stories is that both end up not being able to be with eachother, with both Romeo and Juliet taking their own lives and with Viola going to the new world and leaving Shakespeare behind. Those are some similarities between the love stories in "Romeo and Juliet" and "Shakespeare In Love".

Sophie E.
3/11/2012 06:12:59

In Shakespeare in Love, the character, Shakespeare, mirrors his own love experience in his play, Romeo and Juliet by having forbidden romance, love at first sight and a tragic end. In the movie, Shakespeare, a lowly playwright, has fallen in love with a noblewoman who is soon to marry a duke. By both rules of society and rules of marriage, this love is forbidden, just like Romeo and Juliet’s romance is banned by the feud between their families. This, however, does not stop both couples from meeting and being very passionate about their romance. Also, when Shakespeare first saw his love, he was so taken with her beauty and elegance that he was instantly infatuated with her, as she was with him (although, to her credit, she did know at least something about him and his style before becoming his lover.) In Romeo and Juliet, the couple instantly fell in love when they first met. Lastly, the romance between Shakespeare and his lady ends with her being forced to marry and move to Virginia, a separation that will last their whole lives. Likewise, in Romeo and Juliet, they are separated by death, as they each kill themselves rather than face a life without the other. Clearly, the ideas of forbidden romance, love at first sight and a tragic ending are mirrored in both the movie Shakespeare in Love and Romeo and Juliet.

3/11/2012 06:36:48

The movie "Shakespeare in Love" mirrors the story of "Romeo and Juliet" in many ways. In the movie, Viola and William come from two very different worlds. Viola comes from the wealthy aristocratic class of the elizabethan age. While William lives as a poor poet and writer. This is much like Romeo and Juliet, Romeo the son of Montague and Juliet the Daughter of Capulet. Viola and William then fall in love before Viola is forced to marry Lord Wessex by order of the queen. This relates to Romeo and Juliet because Juliet and Romeo are unable to marry because of their families on going feuds.

Selena Hunter
3/11/2012 09:03:09

The movie Shakespeare in Love mirror his play Romeo and Juliets message about love. In the movie Shakespeare is in love with a rich girl who is set to marry a prince. Shakespeare is forbidden to be with her because is not a part of a rich family. This is the same thing that happens in his play Romeo and Juliet. Romeo falls in love with Juliet but they can never be together for the same reason Shakespeare can not be with his lover. So Romeo and Juliet relate to the movie Shakespeare in Love because they are both unable to marry one another.

Kelly D
3/11/2012 09:41:22

The movie Shakespeare in Love resembles Romeo and Juliet mostly with the idea of a forbidden romance and a tragic end. In the movie, Shakespeare and Viola come from entirely different worlds that are not meant to mix, just as Romeo and Juliet were separated by the confinements of their rival families. Continually told that their relationship is prohibited, in both stories, the couples are forced into using deception and lies to see each other. Of course, they both end in heartbreak yet still maintain some form of hope. In Romeo and Juliet there is a sad sort of hope in that, in killing herself, Juliet may join Romeo. In Shakespeare in Love, the audience is left with a different kind of optimism. The story ends with the knowledge that the two still love each other, despite all the obstacles they had to face, and that perhaps one day they might meet again.

Katie S.
3/11/2012 10:01:02

THe movie "SHakespeare in Love" has many things in common with the play "Romeo and Juliet." First, the characters' backgrounds are similar. Viola is aristocratic while Shakespeare is just a playwright. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is from a rich family, so both situations prevent the lovers from marrying. Also, in "SHakespeare in Love," Shakespeare calls to Viola from beneath her balcony, like Romeo does in "ROmeo and Juliet." The endings are both, in their own ways, tragedies. "Shakespeare in Love" ends with Viola leaving with Lord Wessex, which is devastating to Shakespeare. "Romeo and Juliet" ends with both characters killing themselves because neither can stand to live without the other.

Jimmy Donoghue
3/11/2012 20:07:24

The movie "Shakespeare in Love" can be tied quite well to the masterpiece "Romeo and Juliet". Both stories are of forbidden love, and the conflict it creates. In both stories, the people are forbidden to pursue their love by important people in their life. There are also on and off mixed feelings about wheather the love can be between the characters. "Shakespeare in Love" was most likely created to mirror the master piece known as "Romeo and Juliet"

Joshua Eng
3/11/2012 20:27:22

Romeo and JUliet and Shakespeare In Love have the same basic plot. In the play, Romeo and Juliet come from different family and social backgrounds, and Juliet's father disapproves of Romeo, arranging for Juliet to marry someone else. In the movie, Viola comes from a rich family, while Shakespeare is a poor playwright; Viola is arranged by her father to marry the domineering Lord Wessex. Also, both love stories end tragically. In Romeo and Juliet, the two principal characters kill themselves, not being able to bear living without each other. In the movie, Viola is forced to marry Lord Wessex against her will and sail away from England with her possessive husband forever.

Caroline Lentz
3/13/2012 21:21:23

Shakespeare’s fictional love mirrors his play, Romeo and Juliet, in that both loves are politically unaccepted and neither has a happy ending because of it. In Shakespeare in Love, the queen is unhappy with Viola being in love with Shakespeare as opposed to the man she is engaged to, Lord Wessex. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet’s father doesn’t want her being with Romeo because of family feuding. Both of the romances are forbidden, but in both stories the lovers have secret relationships (where they talk over balconies). Despite what they should do, their love is so strong that they try to be together anyway and fail.

4/24/2012 07:33:45

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